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Hello! Here is a space for all of my icons. While I will post all of my icons here I will also post my Harry Potter related icons at strixwitchicons While my John Noe related avatars will be posted at johnnoeicons.

General Info

While I do not ask that you credit me for my icons, I do as that you comment if you like or are taking an icon. This allows me to see what sort of icons people like, and to make more of that fandom. Please do not hotlink any of my icons, instead uploading at places such as photobucket.com, where graphics are hosted for free. I also ask that you please credit any resource which I credit. If you do want to credit me, please do so using this journal name iconickimmyb. You can put that text in the comments field where you upload your your user pics, or by simply link to this icon journal. Thanks in advance!


I do not make most of my textures or brushes, but instead get them from these lovely and talented people (Most of whom are from either resourcerequest, freshmakers, icongradients, 100x100_brushes, or icon_extras. Also I often learn new techniques thanks to the great community at icon_tutorial. Without these communites my icons would be quite boring and very "blah". Please check out these communities to view some of these, and others works.

Specifically I have (and often use) resources of the fine people listed below when making icons. ___iconliciousx, _atomic_cherry, _iconographer, _risha, 77words, aconite, ajneri,angelsk, arisubox, awmp, bombayicons, cauldroncake, cdg, chatchocolat, colorfilter, crazy_clockwork, damnicons, desiderio, eljahelectra, elli, envious_forms, ewanism, ffynie, fuzzy @ violetterosa, forbiddenstorm, forbiddenstorm, dearest, glass_prism, grimopera, infinite_stars, inxsomniax, jubilli, letmypidgeonsgo, lookslikerain, luminicity, mixed_bases, merely_anger, myrasis, nardasarmy, paperink, pfefferminzchen, risha666, ohfreckle, scarsonchest at lovelytrash.org, severusslave, shadowserenity, sharpfragments, strangelittlex, subsiding_echo, unmasked_icons, beautyfulevil, wash_when_dirty, and asya_17

My resources often include original art works by : buttfacemakani, caladan_dd, mudblood428, corkart and seviet

For screencaps are from Livejournal communities dj_capslock, and cap_it, with caps from The Office thanks to office_caps

Please credit any of these artists that you see me credit, as they deserve recognition for their great work.





If you want to affiliate with my simply leave a message here


This is the section of my profile where I brag about myself. Here are some banners from contests I have entered.
From ginny_challenge

From multi_task

From hp_icontenders

From hp_icontest_

From gof_stills

From tww_icontest

From wdw_icontest

From pickmybest Round 2

From pickmybest Round 3

From pickmybest Round 5

From pickmybest Round 11

From pickmybest Round 21

From pickmybest Round 23

From pickmybest Round 25

From pickmybest Round 34

From pickmybest Round 49
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