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8 New Icons

It's been a while, but I do have a small icon update!


Here we go!Collapse )

As always please comment and credit! Thanks in advance!

12 HP Icons

Here are 12 of my newest HP Icons


12 Icons in totalCollapse )
As always please comment and credit! Thanks in advance!

15 Dollhouse Icons

15 Dollhouse icons

All 15 hereCollapse )
Thanks in advance for comments and credit!

An odd collection

Well I've been working on this random group of icons for a while, and figured it was finally time to post them. As it's such a strange variety I encourage you to check them all out!


here we go!Collapse )

Please as always comment and credit! Thanks much!

Four St. Patrick's Day icons

Here are just a few St. Patrick's Day icons I made

As always please comment and credit! Thanks

HP art icons

New HP icons!


6 in totalCollapse )
Art in icon #1 by thanfiction and art in icons 5&6 by Anni

As always please credit the Artists! Thanks. Comments are appreciated!

I'm working on some non-hp ones, however I wish I had a few more to make a good size set, so you'll just have to wait in eager anticipation.

Yeah for creativity!

from strixwitchicons

I just realized I never posted these icons, so here they are!

First row features art by leelastarsky, and the third row features art by scriblitarius (who seems to of disappeared off of LJ... Hmm...)

Please credit the artist if you are using an icon with original art. Please don't hotlink. Thanks!

Autum Icons

Well I made these a while back (as you can tell once you see them) But I figured I would share them anyway.

Hope you like! Please credit, and don't hotlink.

I'm working on some new icons, so hopefully those will be up soon!

Six new icons

I haven't had much time to make icons recently, but I have made some for the Icontests over at Leaky Preview:

Three moreCollapse )

Art in the first icon is by hcwsketchblog and the art in the second icon is by MikeyBooch. Please comment if you like, and credit! Thank you!

Three old icons

So these icons are rather old, but I just never posted them.

Art from the Ginny icon is by the wonderful nasubionna

As always please credit the artist, if there is one. Credit for myself is appreciated but not necessary. Comments are love!

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