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Quest Icons

So recently I started reading the The Quest Series by the wonderful questauthor. In short, I loved them, (So go pick up your own copies here) and decided to try and break back into my creativity. I don't know how well it worked, but I made some icons that I do happen to love.


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Please credit, and go visit thequestbooks.com Thanks!


A who lot of Tardis'

So I made a bunch of Tardis icons. Hope you find one you like!

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Credit and comments make me a happy iconer!

Yeah! I'm back with icons!

So I have an odd collection of icons here. The Ginny ones are ages old, and the Hogwarts ones were made recently. I'm trying to change up my icons a bit, so if you could let me know what you think of them I would really appreciate it.


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art in 9-11 by seviet
art in 14 & 15 by glockgal

Also two completely random icons

As always comments and credit is much appreciated, and please don't hotlink. Thanks!
So this was my last chance to make icons before the movie comes out, so here they are!

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Comments are love, and credit is much appreciated!

Icon goodness

I was making some icons for ginny_challenge and just couldn't find one that I LOVED... so here is most of the variations I went through.

Also some other icons using the great art of emmination over at deviantart


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Art Credit:
4 - 7 by buttfacemakani
9 art by reallycorking
10 - 13 art by emmination

As always please credit the Fan Artists. Crediting me is appreciated, and comments rock.

SATC Icons

In an effort to help make the wait shorter until the movie, I made some icons from some of the promo pics. In all I have 3 variations of each of the four pictures. Hope you enjoy them!


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Comments are love, credit is not necessary but appreciated. Thanks in advance!


A whole lotta Ginny and Fan Art


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Art Credit:
1-4 by lberghol
5&6 by corkart
7 by buttfacemakani
8 by emmanation.deviantart.com
9-11 by trustahope.deviantart.com
12 by mudblood428
13 by seviet

As always please credit the Fan Artists. Crediting me is appreciated, and comments rock.

Random assortment of Fun

More random icons from multi_task

1-5 The Girls Next Door
6 The Office
7 Sex and the City
8 & 9 Twilight
10 Underworld


Check them out, you may find one you like!

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From strixwitchicons

Some ginny_challenge icons, with some random icons

Lots O' IconsCollapse )

Art Credit:
#7 seviet
#8 LauraW
#9, 11, 12 mnem_art
#10 I don't know! If you know let me know!
#16 nasubionna

Comments love. If you use an icon with Fan Art Please credit the Fan Artist. Thanks guys!


So I've been entering icons over at multi_task. Since they cover topics other than HP, I actually have a few (quite random) icons made. This batch includes some from the Movie Juno, and American Idol icons

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So yeah... that's my icon randomness... Go join multi_task DO IT!

Credit and Comments are <3!

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